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Gourgé village / Surrounding area / Activities

Parthenay is just 10 kilometres south of Gourge’ and has all amenities – from a weekly market on a Wednesday morning, to large supermarkets, plenty of restaurants, as well as a medieval quarter. The town’s four screen cinema often shows popular English films, or sometimes films with English sub titles.

is north of Parthenay, with an aquaduct and a historical quarter. We suggest you head for the town centre (centre ville) for the indoor market on Tuesday mornings.

is the capital of the Poitou-Charentes region and has a wide selection of shops, restaurants and pavement cafes. Colour-coded painted lines on the pavements will take you along three different walking routes around the city.

St Loup Thouet (Lamaire) is a medieval village just 6 kilometres north of Gourge’. Again a very typically French restaurant can be found here, as well as lovely riverside walks around the village, which boasts its own chateau.

Niort is a large town south of Parthenay, has easy parking and a fantastic under cover food market, which is open daily, with a general market on Tuesday mornings. It’s easy parking by the river and car-free streets makes it a lovely place to walk around in. There is plenty of interesting architecture to look at, as well as shops, cafes and restaurants, making it a perfect place for eating, drinking and people watching.